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Bonus Episode: Sandra wood - "letting go of unfulfilling relationships"

Sandra Wood helps professional women trapped in unfulfilling relationships they’re too afraid to leave. Sandra helps women find their courage, connect with their self-worth, and create the joyous supportive relationship they dream of.


She has a special interest in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, boundary management, yoga, and meditation which contributes to the women that she coaches and teaches. She has been working with women for over eighteen years as a certified life coach helping them create joyous supportive relationships they dream of having. 


In 2004 Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer which catapulted her into a period of personal growth which eventually led to the dismantling of her twenty-year marriage, single parenting, and career challenges. Part of her process of re-invention was to understand healthy boundaries and how to have difficult conversations. 


She understands the intricacies of ending toxic and unhealthy relationships. She walks women through the difficult but exhilarating process of letting old patterns go. She provides powerful transformations for women who are tired of living small and trapped in relationships that are not meaningful. 

SandraWood copy.jpg


Speaker, Author, Coach

Empowering women in emotional resilience and mental strength through any stage in life.

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Bonus Episode: Kristen Burris - "The Baby Maker"

Kristen Burris.jpeg


L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M., Dip. Ac

(Aka 'The Baby Maker and Your Infertility Specialist)


Infertility, IVF Prep, and miscarriage for

women and men anywhere in the U.S.

For all other diseases and ailments for local Treasure Valley, Idaho Residents


At home semen analysis proven to be

as accurate as in-office doctors analysis

(Compared to in-office visit $500 only $169 here)

Comprehensive fertility hormone testing for women (Compared to $1,400.00 from a doctors office only $149 here), Ovulation Prediction Tests with Free App Pregnancy Tests

Whether you're trying to start a family with your partner or single and wondering what your chances are to conceive later, this is the episode for you!


Being single and over 35 while wondering if a family is even in your future is tough. Finding love and struggling to build your family is also tough. Kristen Burris can help you. She helps people just like you all over the world! She's the baby maker! Check out her Instagram page to see all the success stories!


But before you book a flight to Idaho, why not start with your in-home fertility tests. You don't need to be in a relationship to take this test. You don't have to be 100% certain you want a family to take the test. But, if you want to know what your reproductive health looks like for an amazing price (which Kristen is only offering to Secrets with Kate McGwire subscribers), then keep reading!


And also, make sure you listen to the Bonus Episode with Kristen. She has amazing advice and beautiful stories of hope! 

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